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Lend Me Your Walls

Dry Canyon Arts Association

Thank you for your interest in our Lend Me Your Walls program!

The Lend Me Your Walls program works with local businesses to allow our artists’
works to hang on their walls. There are currently 6 venues for this program. The
duration of the each exhibition is from 3 to 6 months with the typical being 3
months. For special shows i.e.. the high school students at the Senior Center, the
exhibition lasts one month. Each venue has different amount of wall space
available, different lighting and different amount of “traffic”. You are encouraged
to visit the venues before you register. Each venue is supervised by a different
“lead”. Artists determine if they wish to have their work available for sale and at
what price. All sales are direct from artist to buyer with DCAA requiring a 10%
donation to help cover costs.


Select a Venue below to continue:

Grace & Hammer Pizza

Redmond Senior Center

St. Charles Hospital, Redmond

Feast Food Company

High Desert Vision Source

Birdie's Brow & Spa

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