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Dry Canyon Arts Association

Art Submission List

Redmond Senior Center

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The Redmond Senior Center is an ideal venue to show your work. Upwards of 55 pieces of wall hung work and approx. 12 pcs of medium 3-D work can be exhibited. A new art hanging rail systems has been installed which will greatly simplify hanging your work. Your 2-D work MUST have your hanging wire attached correctly, Please see Tip Sheet. You will be directed to correct improperly attached hanging wire. The Senior Center is the host for many events and classes which brings a lot of people thru the
doors. The lighting is very adequate for the display of art work. Exhibitions typically last 3 months.   A free standing card rack is available for exhibitions going thru the Christmas Season. This is available to displaying artists. Cards up to 7" will fit. Payment is made direct to artist through "honor envelopes".


Submit images of your artwork using this form.  Please resize your images to be approx. 500KB. Title each image as follows:  (Lastname-Firstname-Title.jpg)

Example: Archer-Mel-RainyDay.jpg.  With regard to Framed Dimensions... application does not accept fractions or decimals; round up to the next full inch

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If you have questions please contact venue lead Mel Archer at:

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