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Tips for Members

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Some things can get confusing, or maybe you're new to the process here at Dry Canyon Arts Association. This page is dedicated to helping you, our members, navigate the confusion and become successful during your time with us.

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Dry Canyon Arts Association

helpful tips

Artists spend so much time creating their art but often don’t pay enough attention to a very important part of the process: photographing the work. A good photograph offers the first impression of your art and your professionalism.

The DCAA website has a ‘Member Artists’ page where members are listed. Members can choose to add a link next to their name that directs people to your own website so the public can learn more about you, your art, and have a way to contact you.

Mock set up at home to make sure you have the display design that will work with your space dimensions...

Gridwall panels are a nice option to display your art. One panel can
stand alone or connect multiple gridwall panels to display a large
selection of art pieces.

This from master salesperson Bill Hunt.  His emails to you bounced back.  Bill has put so much content in his 10 trips, it's sure to be helpful to all.

An artist statement is an artist’s written description of their work. The brief text supports their own work to give the reader understanding.

Attaching the hanging wire is a very important small detail for displaying your wall hung artwork...

Do you have a tip that can help your fellow DCAA members? Write it up and send it to so we can share it with the DCAA family

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