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M.A. Lynch Elementary School STEAM Project:

National Parks


In January, the M.A. Lynch Elementary School 4th and 5th grades, 125 students, will begin an exciting new Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) project.  This project puts the “A” in the STEM courses by including the much-needed ARTS in the curriculum.  Callie Hodges and Amie Kilgore will team teach the project with the support of Principal Chris Wyland.  This project combines all the STEAM disciplines, DCAA will fund the Arts portion of the project. Other funding will include school funds, district funds Youth Development Division, and donations.  It is a pilot project and if successful the school plans to repeat it yearly.

Each student will research the U.S. National Parks and select a park for their project.  Students will participate in the art component of the project by learning about color, sculpting with clay, and painting techniques.  They will create a model of their park using clay and then painting it.

The STEM part of the project includes learning to code, students will program a small spherical robot called Sphero to move through the twists and turns of their model National Park.  They will also learn Graphic Arts, adding pictures to their robot.  This is an incredible opportunity for these students, many who have never had much art in their schooling or at home.  Incorporating art in a STEAM program is a unique experience for them to recognize the value of art as a partner with the other components of the project.

M.A. Lynch Elementary has the most students from low-income families in the Redmond area, 100% receive free lunches.  The school has 366 students, K-5th grades.  The school focuses on getting families involved.  When this project is completed there will be a parents’ night.   Students will learn public speaking skills to present their projects to their parents.

DCAA will fund the following supplies for the total amount of $3000:  Color Wheels, Paint Palettes, Acrylic Paints, Paint brushes of various sizes, Colored Pencils, Air Dry Clay, Construction Paper, Glue and Poster Boards for each student.

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