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Spring Art Show 2024

Dry Canyon Arts Association


  1. Submission of this Application constitutes an agreement with all conditions set forth in the Agreement and Guidelines. Dry Canyon Arts Assoc. (referred to as DCAA) reserves the right to photograph works and displays for the purpose of publicity, education, and documentation.

  2. All items for sale must be original, hand-made fine arts and crafts by the artisan. No resale of commercial arts or crafts sales allowed. All art must be “family friendly” (determined by the DCAA Management).

  3. By signing this application, the artisan verifies he/she has read and understands the Agreement and Application form. The artisan also agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations herein, and the decisions of DCAA management. Failure to comply with any rules or regulations will result in being asked to leave this show and will be prohibited from future participation at DCAA functions. No money will be refunded.

  4. Any and all equipment and property shall be the responsibility of the artisan. Dry Canyon Arts Association,  its agents, volunteers and members shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to artisan equipment and property for any cause whatsoever. It is expressly understood that the artisan assumes all risk of loss and damage to their equipment and property and that DCAA, its agents, volunteers and members are under no duty to guard such property at any time.

  5. Cancellations by artist/vendor within 3 weeks of the event will cause forfeiture of registration fees.

  6. Artisan agrees to hold harmless DCAA,  its agents, volunteers and members, for any personal injury to himself/herself and his/her associates for any property loss or damages of any nature suffered by any person as a result of the operation of the above mentioned or the artisans and especially to the attendees while within the undersigned artisan space or caused by the artisan.

  7. Artisan agrees, should an accident occur within the artisan's space caused by the artisan's display or debris left by the artisan, to hold harmless DCAA, its agents, volunteers and members from any liability resulting from such accidents.

  8. Your registration is not complete without payment.  Registration Closes on Sunday, April 21st at midnight.  Late entry exceptions at discretion of the DCAA Management.  Registration is first-come-first-served to DCAA members in good standing.  Space is limited to only 55 artists and booths are assigned randomly.

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