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Spring Art Show 2024

Dry Canyon Arts Association

ELIGIBILITY:  Oregon Producers of Fine Arts and Handcrafts

COST:  DCAA members $125 per 9 or 10’ square space.  Non-members, $160

COMMISSION:  No commission will be charged

SPACE:  Artisans set up and “decorate” their own space. There will be volunteers available to help with unloading vehicles, but please plan accordingly to be responsible for your own displays.

PROMOTION:  DCAA will promote this event in all the usual outlets.  Each artist is expected to utilize their social media channels to promote this event.

DISCOUNTED or SALES GOODS:  We do not allow for display area discounting or sales signs during the art show. We do not allow any signs saying "Sale" or “Discount"  or other words that convey an additional reduction in price on products in the display. Additional price cuts are not encouraged in respect for other artisans not able to offer price cuts and for the perception that the product is being degraded.  However, verbal bartering, or negotiating is allowed between artisan and customer.

SALES:  Each artist is responsible for handling their own sales.

SECURITY:  Each Artisan space needs to be manned during show hours. Dry Canyon Arts Association is not responsible for injury, damage, loss or theft of your property; artisans should have their own insurance. **RHS will be secured overnight!**

CLEAN UP AND TEAR-DOWN:  Sunday, May 5th. The RHS Commons needs to be clear no later than 6pm. PLEASE do not start your teardown prior to “last-call” at 4pm. (all buyers are out the door and an announcement is made) PLEASE be responsible for cleaning your own space by 6pm.

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