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April 2021 Newsletter

Board Meeting Minutes (Summary)

Board Meeting Minutes (Summary)

The board met on April 15th on Zoom. In attendance:

  • Linda Gilmore-Hill, Vice Chair and Acting Treasurer

  • Katie Harris, Secretary

  • Kimberly Krueger, Marketing Chair

  • Sharon Watkinds, Grant Committee

  • Mel Archer, Event Chair

  • K.C. Snider, Member

Treasury Report

Was given by Linda Gilmore-Hill. Details can be requested via the website contact form.

Old Business

Our grant application for the Round House grant to support our events for 2021 has been submitted.

Our Arts in Education Grant project is going forward and the presentation to. the children at St Thomas Academy will be May 20th on Zoom and in person in the gym. Cameron Prow and DCAA member KC Snider will be presenting a short story for the children to illustrate with their own creations. DCAA will be providing materials. There will be 3 grades (39 children) in attendance. Two additional grades will be able to attend in the fall. June 5th, Art Show at the High Desert Music Hall was discussed. Details in the Events section of this report.


Art at the Music Hall, June 5th, at the High Desert Music Hall: As of the meeting we have 20 Artists who have paid their booth fee. The board discussed new COVID restrictions and decided to eliminate some of the booths to comply with the new restrictions. The final booth arrangement will be determined at the April 26th Artist meeting. We will continue to accept applications and fees for this show until the April 17th deadline. The board will do our best to accommodate all paid Artists while still adhering to the COVID restrictions in place at the time of the show.

Additionally the development of a email template and Social Media assets packet for the use of participating Artists was discussed and the Marketing Chair was tasked with development of these tools along with a brief Social Media presentation for the April 26th Artists meeting.

Posters will be produced and placed around the community starting next week.

The Event Time-Line:

  • April 17th, Deadline for registration and payment

  • April 26th, Informational Meeting will be held via zoom to hold the space lottery and share housekeeping details about the show

  • June 5th, Art at the Music Hall

The Midsomer Art Show, July 24th, at the High Desert Music Hall: The board discussed registration dates for the membership and general public.

Next Meeting

A General Meeting is scheduled for April 23nd at 6:00pm PST via Zoom.

Would You like to help out? We are looking for volunteers to help with Events. Also, the Board has a few vacancies that might be a great fit for the right person. If you are interested, please contact us at

DCAA Meeting Schedule


General Membership Meeting: April 22nd @ 6:30pm

On Zoom


Studio Visit and Show!

General Membership Meeting: May 13th @ 6:00pm

Mel Archer’s Studio in Oden Falls Ranch, Tetherow Crossing

NOTE: All DCAA meetings and events for 2021 are tentative and subject to current COVID restrictions and other scheduling changes.

DCAA Events

Save these Dates!

All DCAA Events are tentative and subject to current COVID restrictions and other scheduling changes.

June 2021: Art at the Music Hall June 5th, 10am to 5pm at the High Desert Music Hall, 818 SW Forest Ave.

July 2021: Midsomer Art Show July 24th, the Midsomer Art Show will be located in the lot on the corner of 8th and Forest, off of Glacier Ave. We will be sending out event details, costs and signups soon. November 2021: Formerly the Frost Fair November 12th and 13th, location TBA. We will be sending out event details, costs and signups soon.

Next Membership Meeting April 22nd, 6:00PM On Zoom! Please RSVP to receive a meeting invitation/link by clicking on the button below:

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