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Dry Canyon Arts Association

Dry Canyon Arts Association

In 2004, a non-profit arts organization, High Desert Society of the Arts (HDSA) was founded by a handful of local Redmond artists to promote, expand, support, and offer art and cultural opportunities in the community with the aspirations of seeing a dedicated arts facility established. In 2019, the group changed its name to the Dry Canyon Arts Association. This signaled a positive shift in the art community of Redmond as the organization was repackaged and rejuvenated. Today DCAA strives to fulfill its original mission to support art and culture in Redmond. We hope to see an arts facility developed to better support the artist community of Redmond, Oregon.

The Dry Canyon Arts Association

  • Contribute to Arts awareness in Redmond and surrounding communities.

  • Support all forms of Art in the community.

  • Work to raise money to build a physical location that can be used by the community for events and exhibits.

  • Engage the community in Art education.

  • Create a space for Arts innovation and collaboration in the community.



  • Increase membership to the organization

  • Encourage participation in community arts events

  • Support all forms of Art in the community

  • Collaborate with local government and private organizations to provide the community with arts education awareness and appreciation.

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