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Dry Canyon Arts Association

Dry Canyon Arts Association

A group of five came together in 2017 to support the arts and with the goal of securing a site for a Cultural Arts Center in Redmond. In 2019 the Dry Canyon Arts Association was formed. The Dry Canyon Arts Association is a 501(c)3 organization and membership is open to all artists and patrons in the tri-county area.

The Dry Canyon Arts Association

  • Contribute to Arts awareness in Redmond and surrounding communities.

  • Support all forms of Art in the community.

  • Work to raise money to build a physical location that can be used by the community for events and exhibits.

  • Engage the community in Art education.

  • Create a space for Arts innovation and collaboration in the community.



  • Increase membership to the organization

  • Encourage participation in community arts events

  • Support all forms of Art in the community

  • Collaborate with local government and private organizations to provide the community with arts education awareness and appreciation.

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